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OEM Service

Exclusively for companies

Our OEM service consist in your selection of every single detail before the production of any of the models produced by our factory.

Selection of the LOGO

Our OEM service allow you to produce directly in our factory the models you like with your logos, specifications and colors.

Our logos consist in high quality water logos done with the maximum precision allowing bright colors and graphics to be sharp as never before.

The logos are not removable because placed below the last layer of painting.

Our staff will follow you in every step that your concept design will require to obtain the maximum effect and quality.

  • High quality water logos

  • Graphics sharp as never before

  • Our staff will follow you in the concept design

  • Logos not removable

  • Bright colors for a better looking effect

  • Wide selection for the seat colour

  • Pearlised colours available

  • Metallic colours available

  • Matt colours available

  • Rear matt black front matt ruby red

Selection of the COLORS

Available all the series of matt, pearlised and metallic colors.

We use exclusively water paintings, more safe and ecologic than traditional paintings in commerce.

Double painting in the single frame available.

Selection of the BATTERY

Great selection of the battery capacity, battery case and battery color on all our models of electric bikes.

All our batteries have an international warranty of 2 years.

Extension of the battery till 36V17Ah or 48V13.6Ah.

We use Li-ion cylindrical cells model 18650, with a capacity from 2000mAh till 3400mAh.

Brands such as SANYO or SAMSUNG available on request.

  • Batteries designed for models inside the frame

  • External batteries in anodized colors

  • Li-ion Battery 36V 17Ah or 48V 13.6Ah

  • Italian design of battery case, with USB port

  • Brand 8FUN central motor 36V 350W with torque sensors

  • Brand 8FUN integrated in the rear aluminium 6 spokes rim

  • 36V350W very reliable and high performance

  • Hub motor designed exclusively for FAT bikes

Selection of the MOTORS

Wide selection of rear brushless motors or central motors from notorious brand such as 8FUN or DAPU.

Rear motors 36V-48V 250-350-500W.

Front motors 36V-48V 250-350W.

Central motors 36V-48V 250-750-1000W with speed sensor or torque sensor.

Define the speed of your product, till 44km/h !

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