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Welcome to our factory

Assembly of the wheels

Our factory use only and exclusively Holland Mechanics machine, which is one of the best machine present today in the world to assembly the spokes in the wheels, this allow us to guarantee to all our clients to have on every single bike a professional assembled wheels .

Wheels and frames line

After the wheels has been assembled, wheels and frames are delivered to the production line according the schedule of our production.

Production Lines

Our factory Moskino Co., Ltd have 2 production lines that constantly produce our electric bicycles ; our selected staff, all with many years of experience, carefully and with professionalism assembly the electric bicycles reaching a daily production of 120 pcs.

Quality control

After all the bikes have been completed, our quality control staff will procede to test the electric bikes one by one, assuring that every single component is perfectly assembled and working.

Mechanical tests

For every order our technicians will test frames and forks to ensure an extra insurance that all the parts respect the same quality of the previous client order.

Every model of electric bicycles will be followed by the necessary EN14764, issued by the notified body TUV, SGS or the Italian ISET ; an EN requested by all the customs in Europe and Israel


A big stock is always at our disposal in order to produce constantly without any stop.

All our clients worldwide are provided with the maximum speed with all the spare parts requested.

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